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Our Fifth Winner: Mick

Mick has held a Liverpool season ticket for more than 30 years and while his wife Heather freely admits his above and beyond support for his club has derailed plans and affected their life together – she loves his passion for Liverpool. That’s why she nominated Mick as our Football Fan of the Year…

Heather describes her hubby Mick as the biggest Liverpool fan ever known, travelling all over the world to watch them, and holding a season ticket for more than 30 years. Holidays have been moved and the couple’s wedding was even delayed by a year due to a fixture clash. Once, when Heather was Chief Bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding, Mick was only able to attend in the evening, turning up straight from the match in his Liverpool gear.

On the day Heather was due to give birth, Mick was in Athens for the Champions League Final (he won’t thank us for reminding everyone that Milan ran out 2-1 winners on that occasion). Their son was eventually born on June 3rd, the same exact day Liverpool Football Club was founded – at this point you’re probably not surprised to hear that their son’s initials are LFC!

While Heather is now used to receiving match tickets for birthday gifts, the happy couple both seemed to agree on how they’d spend the £10,000 ultimate prize – with an away trip to see the Reds in the Champions League!

Who do you think will win the ultimate Football Fan of the Year prize?